Joe & Pinky Wedding | Rustic Wedding at Sentul Bogor

Dream wedding. That’s what most of the people think when they see these pictures I guess. It’s unique, beautiful, warm, and intimate. It’s amazingly heart-warming. But despite of all that is seen in that pictures, what touch our heart the most is their effort to make their dream come true. It’s.truly inspiring. Congratulations, bro! -Chris


8 thoughts on “Joe & Pinky Wedding | Rustic Wedding at Sentul Bogor”

  1. Kezia Paramita

    never thought that this kind of wedding can be happened in Indonesia! Awsome and brave concept!

  2. Katarina Eka Wijaya

    wonderful concept..pengen yg begini ini..kerasa banget keakrabannya bukan cm sekedar tamu :’)

  3. Marscella Zulfa Nasution

    Dear Jo and Pinky

    First, congratulation yaa for your wedding, happiness for you all. I really like about your wedding decoration. Please tell me who is your decoration’s vendor for the wedding? send by email to [email protected]. Thank you so much Jo and Pink…

  4. Dimanakah ini? Rencana pernikahan saya tahun depan dengan tema outdoor rustic. Bisa dishare vendor untuk lokasi, photo dan dekornya? Thanks 🙂

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