About Us

Passionate and Enthusiastic Teams to Create an Authentic Wedding Films and Photos Based in Bali & Jakarta

Hello! We are a bunch of passionate and enthusiastic young people that eager to create authentic films and photos of your memorable moments.

We strive to make our piece of works as personal as it can be because we believe everyone’s love story is special on it’s own.


Our core value is to craft timeless remembrances that encapsulate the true essence of marriage

about us

Our style is a fusion of artistry, authentic emotion, timelessness, and luxury.

Hi! We’re Venema Pictures likes to be called Veneman. Our core value is to craft timeless remembrances that encapsulate the true essence of marriage—the vows, the stories, the moments, and the chemistry of two souls uniting in love and commitment. We believe in capturing the raw emotions and genuine feelings that make each wedding unique and special.

Our journey began in 2011, driven by a deep passion for creating authentic films and photos that stand the test of time. With every project, we pour our hearts into our work, striving for excellence in every frame.

Our mission is clear: we want our clients to not just see, but feel the passion and dedication we infuse into our craft.

But we’re not just here to be your wedding vendor; we’re here to be your friends. We believe in building genuine, lasting friendships with our clients that extend far beyond their wedding day. This connection allows us to understand your personalities, stories, and dreams, enabling us to deliver results that are deeply personal to each and every couple we have the privilege of working with.

We capture the essence of your wedding day without overshadowing your unique personalities, ensuring that your story shines through in every image and video.

When you choose Venema Pictures, you’re not just hiring a photography and videography team; you’re joining us on a creative journey filled with positivity, inspiration, and genuine passion. We’re here to make your wedding day an unforgettable experience, and we can’t wait to be a part of your unique love story.

Welcome to Venema Pictures—where every moment becomes a cherished memory.


Venema Pictures