Bali Wedding Photographer and Videographer

We believe, that our passion and experience in this area is something that matters to make a beautiful artwork. But we also know that high quality tools will elevate our works to the next level.

In the end, We hope that through our works couples will watch, see, and feel their special moments in high quality result.

We are a bunch of passionate and enthusiastic young people who are eager to create authentic films and photos of your memorable moments. We strive to make our work as personal as it can be, because we believe everyone’s love story is special on its own.

Offering both photographs and films, for more than a decade, fully documenting stories of love. Our team is fun and energetic, bringing a sense of happiness and dedication with us wherever we go. Each film we create is authentic to the couple and focuses on the unique atmosphere created by you and your loved ones. Based in Bali and Jakarta, Venema Pictures can travel anywhere in the world to beautifully film and photograph your special day.